For those whom are awake,

  This website and all of its’ content is presented to all in goodwill.

  There will be quite a few of you from under Area51 who will certainly know what they are seeing on my videos. Then there are those above compartmentalization who will also recognize the text as well.

  I am an individual who’s life has been interrupted by paranormal experiences on many occasions. Even though at the time these ghostly encounters were unsolicited and often frightening, I now consider them all to be blessings that have given me an understanding of this reality that few are privileged to experience and even fewer understand. I have no fear of death because I know, first hand, there is life beyond death. I am aware of the true diversity of intelligent life, not only on and under this planet, but living amongst now and inter-dimensionally. Finally, after my encounter in the desert, it is my comprehension of a group of entities that has lead me to self-awareness. More-over, There was never a choice to be made.

  Now that I have come full circle, I too realize the great responsibility that rests on all of your shoulders. One year ago I would have had a thousand questions for you. Now I wonder if it isn’t I who has some answers for you. I would certainly enjoy the chance to converse. I still have 1 question.

  This is the natural way in which the transition is occurring. Through the many enlightened ones, the rest of the population will be brought into the light of their true existence. For most, the doorway to a new and fantastic reality will be opened. For others, the reflection of the evil they put upon themselves and their brothers and sisters for many lifetimes will be theirs to not stand for eternity. These worlds are both ancient and true. The truth, is here, to be known by all.

  Humanity is now at a threshold, as the eye watches. Waiting for you to make your free will known. If my bluntness startles you, may I point out, it is your subtleness that has made this necessary.

  My video footage from Coyote Summit contains UFO’s, up-close and afar, at nearly two per minute for fifteen of 21:09. This rivals your own equipment capability for the same purpose. How did I do, what you can barely do with state-of-the-art equipment? This will be the only proof needed for the believers.

  My campsite last year was within line-of-site of Bald Mountain. The video that you have of my "encounter" is all the proof that you need to assume my familiar.

  The intension is singular. Like so many others, I am here to deliver a message of truth.



         “Bless the children of God and protect the souls of the innocent. Amen”





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