This is from the December 2006 issue of National Geographic, pages 78 - 79.

I am including this discovery on my website to further bring to light the absolute

ruthlessness of the evil that is in control of this planet. You may have noticed Mr. Alex Jones

mentioning "SPIDERS" in conjunction with Bohemian Grove (a satanic cult

which has many prominent members, including the current president of

the United States) This is just a small example of these disgusting

characters mocking the horror that they create. Open your eyes, please.

Do you see the SPIDER?

No?.....Click Here

Out of pure ethical responsibility I must state...

Showing this discovery is in no way meant to assume any blame on the part of

National Geographic. I personally feel that it is highly unlikely that anyone other than

myself and the individuals responsible for this "SLAP IN THE FACE" could have ever known of its existence.

(Above excerpt from article by: Neil Shea / Photo by: James Nachtwey)