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My experience in the desert of Nevada has changed my life and my understanding of life forever. I have gone to some expense and hours of work to produce this site. Everything you read here and see here is truthful and real.

A UFO leaving my campsite

Other than using zoom and slow motion none of the videos or photos here have been altered in any way. This is not a hoax.

It is my ultimate goal to attract serious attention to both my story and this amazing UFO video footage. We are working hard to bring both broadband and dial-up content to the site. Presently we can offer several videos but there will be much more to come soon.


This download requires video processing such as zoom and slow-motion to accurately visualize the aerial phenomenon present with in this video.

20 Minute AVI download of roughly 3 dozen day time UFOs around Area51.


Published to Web on 14FEB07

Updated 28MAY2007

Updated 09AUG07 ELDERS

Updated 2112 2007