To all the members of M.U.F.O.N.,

It was my privilege to attend my first M.U.F.O.N. meeting on the 29th of April, 2006 in Indianapolis. I realized a couple of important things at that meeting. First, you are the definition of a grass-roots organization. Together, you represent a fair cross section of society.

Amongst you there are N.A.S.A. scientists, businessmen, teachers, students, laborers and more. Yet there is one thing that binds you. You all refuse to believe the lies. Instead, you embrace the truth that exists not in a handful of convincing stories or photographs and videos. This truth is in your minds and in your hearts. It’s the truth that makes sense of these increasingly bizarre events. It’s the truth that no matter how strange, explains an event when the “official” explanation makes no sense at all. This is your asset. For this everyone of you are truly blessed.

Sadly, I also realized that despite your positive energy you were dealing, in large part, with what I consider out-dated data. I was dumbfounded to see you discussing events from the 40’s and 50’s and earlier. I have no doubt the days of discussing antiquated ufology at your meetings are soon to be over.

I believe the current increase in all forms of reported contacts will not only continue to rise, but they will become much more public and vivid. While my own videos may very well be the most prolific Area 51 U.F.O. videos available to the public, I am instantly willing to contend that they won’t be for long.

My only intension is to show humanity that these things some consider myth are indeed fact. Soon there will be other video footage that I shot from outside of Nevada surfacing as well. Combined, this footage tells my story with or without me.

Mr. Stewart Hill has done what he can with very limited resources and I am grateful. However, this is an event that is going to take some real technical assistance to get the whole story. I welcome a serious investigation into this matter. Not only am I ready to be completely forthcoming with my story, I have demonstrated from the start my desire to openly share these unprecedented videos.

God bless all of the believers. It is through you, not science, that the truth will be shown to all.

More is real than almost all could imagine.