Updated 28MAY2007

This summary outlines the events that took place just prior to and during my trip in Rachel, NV in chronological order with a brief description of my experiences.

I believe it is important to note that I was what I refer to as a “blank slate”, in that I had never read a UFO orientated book nor was I a subscriber to any UFO related magazine or publication prior to my experiences in Rachel, NV. Also important, I had never read a single word from the Holy Bible. My knowledge of UFO’s and the Holy Bible was just like any other blue collar, non-academic. I had seen a few documentaries on UFOs on TV and attended church infrequently. Since this encounter I have bought my first Holy Bible and subscribed to UFO Magazine.

Let me be clear, at the time I was planning this trip, I was open minded to the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials. I at no time felt that by going near Area 51 I would be certain to see or film UFOs or any other strange phenomenon. I was simply open minded to the possibility and wanted to go see for myself. It is also important to mention it wasn’t until I got back home and began looking at the video I shot in Nevada that I began to discover UFOs. In all, my videos include biological flying entities, flying and hovering disks, flying and stationary orbs, and rods ,as well as some UOs and UFOs that simply defy a qualifying description.

After making some preliminary plans I began discussing my vacation with a couple of my friends. It wasn’t long before I began being ribbed by my buddies for wanting to go to the middle of the desert for a week. I suppose I had this coming since it was admittedly at least an odd vacation destination. I started to second guess myself and seriously considered putting the whole thing off. That’s when I received the nudge I would need to propel me forward into events that would change my reality forever.

I received my Feb 06' issue of Popular Science magazine. The next day while at work I discovered something I still find to be amazing. In every issue of Pop. Sci. there is a two page spread called “Mega Pixels”. This section features various eye catching digital photos from month to month. In the Feb.06' issue the digital photo featured is of the earth. It was taken by the space shuttle Discovery in 1984 from 148 miles up. This spread is on pages 12 and 13. I spotted something strange in the photo. On page 13, (it helps to turn the mag. upside down to better comprehend the shadows), almost center page is an object. I would say it certainly qualifies as a UFO. It is either a very well made hoax or….it is a UFO miles across coming into the earth’s atmosphere. It has an apparent contrail behind it and a shadow under it. I believe I was somehow intended to see this photo because it and it alone is what finalized my decision to go to Rachel, NV. Incidentally, I reported this UFO to Pop Sci (with the expected giggles on the other end of the phone) and to the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago (with no reply) and to N.U.F.O.R.C. (national UFO reporting center) in Washington state (with a polite email reply that stated they‘d get to it when they could).

I chose the week of the 13th to go because this was “Red Flag Week”. Red Flag is a bi-annual war games exercise conducted by the U.S. and other International militaries. My idea was that barring any UFO sighting I would, at least, be able to film some fighter jets and thereby make the most of the time I had.

I arrived at about 0900 on Monday February 13, 2006 at Las Vegas airport (later I would find at least one UFO fly past my window vertically as I shot video from my seat on the plane about an hour into the flight) . I made one stop at Wal-Mart for supplies then headed out of town bound for Rachel, NV.

As I traveled North on highway 93, approximately 45 minutes to one hour into the drive I experienced a very strong and long lasting deja-vu ( 15 to 20 second duration). Later I would discover what I refer to as a bio-UFO landing near roadside to my right, at incredible speed. This was approximately the same time I began having my deja-vu. I continued on without delay to highway 375 known as the “extraterrestrial highway”. I turned left on 375 heading toward Rachel. Only about 10 minutes on 375 I spotted a roadside sign advertising “Alien Research Center (and of course Gift Shop)”. I would later discover my first UFO at this point on my video. As I turn right off of 375 to check out the “alien research center” a UFO is clearly seen, in slo-mo, to come from behind a mountain miles away and fly directly over my jeep. The flight takes about a second and is only really visible on tape in slow motion or frame by frame. From here I continue driving up a hill and there is another bio-UFO that can be seen to go completely vertical in a fraction of a second. After looking around the store and having a very interesting conversation with its proprietor I continued on to Rachel. I arrived at the “Little Ale Inn” mid-afternoon. I hung around absorbing the new environment. The evening of the 13th I drove East a few miles to Coyote Pass. I set up camera and soon discovered that my little Sony handy-cam wasn’t going to be very useful at night. The war games had commenced and all I could effectively film were flares and contrails that were near the almost full moon. To date I have found nothing unusual on this tape.

The next morning, Tues. the 14th, I returned to the coyote pass area. I decided to climb coyote summit to get a better view. Upon reaching the summit I met a man I will call Mr. G. for the purpose of this summary. He was there awaiting friends whom like himself were coming to the summit to watch the war games. His friends , a man from England and his young grand daughter, would join us moments later. We were also joined by a young couple from Las Vegas who were to be war game spectators as well. In all there would be six of us on coyote summit that day. This location I estimate to be around 30 miles from Area 51. I shot 21 minutes and 33 seconds of video here. On this tape there are various UFOs present along with a variety of military aircraft. Anyone watching this tape will see that there was some kind of connection between myself and the events unfolding. Often, I am pointing the camera in the complete opposite direction in which the others are focused on while I film these UFOs. There are shots were I actually zoom in on the UFOs. Later that day after touring Area51‘s back gate, Mr.G. and his two English friends and myself drove out approximately 10 miles West and slightly North of Rachel to a campsite that Mr.G. was familiar with. I thanked Mr.G. for his kindness in going so far out of his way to bring me to the site. After several minutes Mr.G. and his friends departed leaving me at the campsite alone. This is were I would spend the rest of the day (Tues.) into the night and eventually have an encounter with extraterrestrial beings. Once again, I was allowed to or able to film several various UFOs.

On the campsite video an apparent metallic disk UFO can be seen as well as several other UFOs. Once again some kind of connection is detectable between myself and the ever unfolding events as they occurred. Wherever I move the camera ,usually within seconds, there goes another UFO through the frame. Admittedly when the sun set that evening I became pretty darn nervous. I began to feel very vulnerable. It wasn’t long before I dismounted my camera from it’s tripod, clamped it to the passenger side window and got myself inside the passenger side of the jeep. This is were I filmed the majority of the night time footage from. I even locked the doors which is pretty hilarious to me now. When viewing the evening portion of my “campsite” footage, I pause the video (even though I have plenty of tape left) for reasons even I don’t know. This is precisely were I experienced a loss of time. Though I have no conscious memory of what took place during this time, I came away with “information” in my head that I know was somehow put there. That’s the only way to explain it. No matter how it sounds. I also have strong feelings almost like the vaguest of vague memories more than a feeling. Such as, portions of the evening video were I believe someone or something was in the vehicle with me. Also, I trust the “feeling” that these entities were amused by my reaction to them. I “feel” they were directing me, once I turned the camera back on, as to where to point the camera. For example, at one point you can clearly hear me ask “now?” before adjusting the camera.

After my missing time period I turn the camera back on. Within seconds a glowing mushroom shaped UFO comes from over the top of the jeep, down into center frame. The UFO changes shape and visibly shoots away into a small blink of light. This is when I believe there are life forms inside the jeep with me. I sound oddly euphoric and my memory of this period is very spotty. After only a couple of minutes, as previously mentioned, I am heard to ask “now?”. I immediately reposition the camera. Inside of a minute another glowing UFO flies away, no less than out of center frame. More than one jet can be seen and or heard in close proximity to my camp after the first UFO leaves the area. I am heard to say “the war games are starting” in a thick tongued ,and to me, “out-of-it” voice. This proves to me that I was slowly coming out of some kind of altered state. At one point I say “I have my head back now”. These jets also drop flares practically on top of me. I have no doubt that they were scrambled to my location due to my UFO encounter. Interestingly, there are zero jets present throughout the entire “campsite” footage until my evening encounter. The next morning, Wed the 15th , at the Little Ale Inn I was able to confirm that the evening war games the previous evening had been canceled. This information was given to me by two RAF aircrew members. As both airmen were guests staying at the Inn, their presence at the Inn can be confirmed by multiple witnesses.

On Wed the 15th Mr. G. and I drove around looking for a F-4 crash site he had heard about from a local. We never found the site. After that we proceeded back to the very same location I had camped at the night before. Mr. G. had planned to camp there that evening. I stayed around for awhile shot some video and then left after sun set. I have found no evidence of UFO’s on that video. I returned to the Inn ate a late dinner and turned in for the night.

The next morning (Thur the 16th), as was prearranged, I met Mr. G. at the Inn’s restaurant. We headed back near coyote summit. Only this time we decided to climb the summit just to the West. We made it to the top (naming it Crash Mountain.) and shortly after, that days war games began. Once again I have found no UFO’s on that tape either. I believe the absence of UFO’s in the very same locations were UFO’s had been filmed previously is very important as well. It helps to demonstrate what I already know to be true. The UFO footage that I was allowed to or made to film was completely choreographed by whatever was piloting these things. In other words, it was on purpose by design for a particular reason or reasons. After the war games Mr. G. and I exchanged email addresses said our good-byes and parted company.

I think it is interesting to note; On several occasions Mr. G. had let me know that he adamantly does not believe that UFO’s exist. He has been coming to Rachel during Red Flag Week and camping out by himself in the desert for the past 4 years. After what I’ve been through in Rachel, I have to wonder if red-flag is the only reason he’s been coming to the desert. Also, on the very last video I shot in Rachel just before leaving to go back to Vegas I say on camera, “Well I’ve proven to myself that there are no UFO’s in Rachel, NV.” This is also pretty funny to me now.

After spending Thursday night in the comfort of a hotel casino in Las Vegas. I returned home on the evening of Friday the 17th. I began watching the video (Sat 18th) in slow motion, which had been my plan from the beginning. I only had to watch for about 10 minutes before I found the first UFO. As mentioned, It was the one flying directly over my jeep as I turned into the research/gift shop center. After that I just kept finding more and more of them. Then on the evening of my 36th birthday, I watched the evening “campsite” video. This is the moment I realized what had happened to me and why I had this apocalyptic information in my head. I felt as though I was loosing my grip on the world. It was like I was in the middle of a dream and awake at the same time.

I contacted Mr. Schuessler the (then) Director of the mutual UFO network (M.U.F.O.N.). He immediately put me in touch with Indiana’s Director Mr. Jerry Sievers who in turn contacted Mr. Stewart Hill. Within 24 hours I was able to meet with Mr. Hill and various members of my family and we all sat together and watched the videos. From that moment I began to feel much better, knowing that M.U.F.O.N. and others now knew what I knew. Since then I have been in regular contact with Mr. Hill. Also, I was able to attend a M.U.F.O.N. meeting in Indianapolis on the 29th of April where approximately a dozen various M.U.F.O.N. members viewed portions of these videos. Nobody left disappointed.

This summary is just that. There is much more to be told.

I give thanks to M.U.F.O.N.. In particular to Mr. Schuessler, Mr. Sievers and especially Mr. Hill for his continuing effort. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to show you the truth.